>Penggunaan in, at, dan on dalam keterangan waktu

>at untuk keterangan waktu
untuk jam, kita menggunakan ‘at’, tapi ga selalu dalam sebuah pertanyaan:
What time are you leaving for Germany? ~ I shall try to leave at three o’ clock.

on untuk keterangan waktu
untuk hari, tanggal dan waktu seperti ‘Sunday evening’ atau ‘Saturday morning’, kita makek ‘on’:
I usually do my homework on Sunday evening; on Saturday morning I’m normally at the gym.
Can we do it on Thursday? ~ No, not on Thursday. I’m in Leeds all day on Thursday.
My birthday is on 26th December and then Mark arrives on 27thDecember.

in untuk keterangan waktu
untuk abad, taun, musim, bulan, minggu, dan untuk frase waktu seperti ‘in the afternoon’, atau ‘in the evening’ kita mesti makek ‘in’:
In the 17th Century, 200,000 people were executed in America for practising witchcraft.
Brazil first won the World Cup in 1958 and then again in 1962, but in 1966 it was England’s turn.
I prefer to take my holidays in the spring and autumn and work in summer when everybody else is on holiday.
I’ve got my final exams in May. When in May? In the final week of May.
I work best in the morning. I’ll work again in the evening if I have to, but I prefer to relax in the afternoon.

Catatan, perhatikan pula perbedaan arti antara ungkapan ‘in time’ (artinya, sebelum waktu yg ditetapkan) and ‘on time’ (artinya, tepat waktu yang ditetapkan):
The 7.53 is always on time, but yesterday it was late.
I couldn’t get there in time for the beginning of Jo’s concert and missed the opening number.

Keterangan waktu yang tak butuh kata depan
perhatikan bahwa ga ada kata depan yang digunakan sebelum keterangan waktu yang didahului dengan ‘next’, ‘last’, ‘this’, ‘every’, ‘all’, any:
What are you doing this afternoon? ~ I’m busy this afternoon, but we could do it next week, if you like.
I work from home every Thursday. I’m at home all afternoon tomorrow, so any time would be convenient.

salah: I will study in this afternoon
benar: I will study this afternoon


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