>Kunci USM STAN 2010 Bahasa Inggris

>121. A. is recalling
122. A. father than
123. B. patience
124. B. their
125. C. will be submited
126. B. by
127. B. confessing
128. A. would get
129. C. visited
130. A. Because of
131. A. sleep
132. B. had she overcome
133. C. will have taken
134. B. two-seater aircraft
135. A. did it
136. B. neither does Ita
137. A. passes
138. C. made
139. B. wearing
140. C. should
141. A. will
142. C. Look out = berhati-hati
143. B. squeezed
144. B. such
145. C. having unable
146. A. Jewelry
147. A. hand in
148. C. the fourth planet from the Sun
149. D. by themselves
150. D. bring
151. D. wrong
152. A. a
153. B. arrive
154. A. as well as
155. C. as delicious with
156. C. better than
157. D. alike
158. C. the centrally government
159. A. Officially
160. D. Employers
161. A. prostate enlargement
162. D. a nighttime get up
163. C. tightly
164. D. The symptoms of prostate enlargement
165. A. because the dihyrotestosterone starts to build up
166. C. when they got severe symptoms
167. A. it manufactures semen
168. B. male narwhals
169. C. they live in the arctic
170. A. Segregate = separate = memisahkan
171. A. its medical effect
172. C. the tusk on the head
173. D. sea current
174. A. the nature of narwhal
175. A. the teens
176. A. Obliterated = Eliminated = dihapuskan
177. D. the murderers will never be put into trials
178. C. the bodies were the key piece of evidence
179. C. 1978
180. A. it was the longest running murder case in the US

silakan di itung sendiri nilainyakalo dah dapet 500, ya insyaAlloh dah diterima laah,, kalo yang 400 an, sudah lumayan aman…

mengingatkan lagi, kalo stan ga pernah ngeluarin kunci jawaban apalagi pembahasan, jadi semua kunci yang beredar itu murni dari mahasiswa atau orang lain…


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